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Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Illegal Immigration is bad for any sovereign nation and a few hundred thousand per year is overwhelming, we need to build the wall on the southern border. The wall is a perfect, low maintenance technology that would keep out many who intend to bring drugs and gangs into our country. A wall would save the U.S. lives and money.

     I would push for the wall to be built. Donald Trump won the presidential election on his "Build the Wall" Platform and there is lots of support for the wall to be built including my self. Although I am truly saddened that there is a need for a wall on the southern border. Our southern neighbors are not respecting our sovereignty and allow hundreds of thousands to cross over every year.
Deportation of illegal immigrants is needed to secure our country especially from gangs like MS 13, Latin Kings, Los Zetas and others.
We also need to work on a compromise for Daka

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