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National Debt

 Our National Debt is 24.1 Trillion dollars, and it is way too high. We are paying 500 Billion in interest alone. We need to solve this deficit which is a major national security concern. I believe that by eliminating three problems: illegal immigration, the Opioid epidemic and fraud and waste in our healthcare system, we can be deficit free in 15 years. Illegal immigration is a net loss of 200 Billion dollars per year. The Opioid Epidemic has a net loss of 500 billion dollars per year. We can save another 750 Billion in waste and fraud from our Healthcare system. Then subtract 479 billion from interest we pay on our national debt. That’s almost  2 Trillion per year wasted.

     Our U.S. Budget is 4.5 Trillion, but our revenues are only 3.5 Trillion, adding 1 trillion per year to our national debt. This is unreasonable and irresponsible. We need to cut these losses by half if we are going to start reducing our National debt. Clearly, we had to get our economy going again, but now is the time to address our national debt. If elected, you can count on me to be at the forefront of this issue.


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